SCLA Return to Play Protocol*

The SCLA will follow California Public Health Guidelines and County Specific Guidelines that apply where games are played


As of April 1, 2021, the SCLA Return to Play Protocols include:

  • Parents will be required to sign an Informed Consent and complete a Safety Check (via TeamSnap)
  • Any player, coach, referee and/or spectator exhibiting COVID symptoms is not permitted to attend practices or games
  • Players can wear masks at their discretion during games, following US Lacrosse guidelines
  • Players are required to wear masks while not playing (before warm-ups / after completion of the game)
  • All coaches, referees and spectators are required to wear masks
    • Referees can lower mask while actively running
  • Girls players and referees conducting a draw must wear a mask; the mask can be lowered after the draw is complete
  • All players and coaches will complete COVID testing, as required by relevant county guidelines
  • Only immediate family should attend games
  • All spectators should practice safe social distancing – remaining at least 6 feet apart
  • Players/spectators should arrive no more than 45 minutes before their game time and leave the field immediately following the conclusion of their game
  • Score keepers and time keepers will remain 6 feet apart
  • Cleaning supplies, hand sanitizer, and extra masks will be provided at the scorer’s table
  • There will be no food trucks
  • Sharing of water coolers, water bottles and/or cups is prohibited
  • There will be no post game handshake
  • A 2 week quarantine will be required for any team/coach that has a player or family member that tests positive for COVID and/or whom was exposed to anyone who tests positive for COVID
    • Notify your Town representatives of any positive COVID cases and/or exposure to anyone who has tested positive for COVID.
    • Town representatives are responsible for notifying the SCLA
    • The SCLA will notify other programs that may have been exposed
  • The same 2 week quarantine will apply to any referees that test positive and/or whom has been exposed to COVID

* California Public Health Guidelines and County Specific Guidelines are subject to change and the SCLA will monitor them and make adjustments to our protocol. All teams will be notified of those changes, but this website may not reflect those changes or communications in the same timely manner.