Girls Elementary School Division

Southern California Lacrosse Association
2020 Game Day Rules

Unless specified otherwise in this document,
All US Lacrosse Girls Rules Shall Apply
Online Rulebook

Major Changes for 2020:


Ejections:  A player or coach ejected from a game by a referee will receive an automatic suspension of, at minimum, one game - to be served immediately in the team's next game.  Additional game suspensions or other discipline is at the league’s discretion.  Suspension does not apply for players “fouling out” due to accumulation of 3 personal fouls or 5 total penalty minutes.

Other Information:

  1. The whistle will blow when a ball hits the ground after a flag is thrown.
  2. No game will start until a Score Keeper, Timekeeper and 2 Field Commissioners are ready.

ES (follows USL 10U rules):

1. Free movement is now allowed in ES division on a whistle or a stoppage of play.
2. Two attempted passes before a shot are required. One pass must be on the offensive side of the field passed
the midline. If there is a change of possession the pass count restarts. A pass must be from one player to
another with players at least 3m apart (this to prohibit dumping the ball into each others stick).
3. 1v1 Defense is required in midfield. Double teams (crashing) allowed in the critical scoring area. 3 seconds
closely guarded still applies
4. Deputy rule: There is no deputy in youth lacrosse. The only person allowed in the goal at any time is the
goalkeeper. No stick follow through into the crease.

Regular Season SCLA Rules - Girls Field Packet 2020 4
Regular Season SCLA Rules - Girls Field Packet 2020 5

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