Game Day – Team Responsibilities for the Jamboree

Game Day – Field Volunteer Requirements for the Jamboree (not required for 8U)


 Home team is responsible for:

  • Supporting field set-up (first game) and field teardown (last game.)
    • Please arrive 30 minutes prior to your game to support field set-up
  • Providing a Scorekeeper and Field Commissioner
  • Taking the final Score Sheet to the SCLA Tent
    • The SCLA Tent will be located near the Pavilion


Visiting team is responsible for:

  • Providing a Timekeeper and a Field Commissioner



IMPORTANT! All volunteers must refrain from excessive cheering and/or sideline coaching. This behavior can result in a Game Conduct penalty.


See below for details regarding each volunteer’s responsibilities:



Field Commissioner Responsibilities (2022)

(Each team must provide a Field Commissioner; not required for 8U)

  • Ensure home team provides a scorekeeper
  • Ensure visiting team provides a timekeeper.
  • Ensure the Equipment Box at the Scorers’ Table has 15 balls (4 go on each baseline, 1 for the faceoff and 6 for back-up). Additional Balls can be found in the Storage Unit near the Pavilion.
  • Ensure the set-up of the Scorer’s table / two chairs is complete: Each table should have an:
  • SCLA Field Notebook
  • Score Flip-Card
  • SCLA Score Sheet
  • Ensure Game start times are adhered to.
    • If Game start time is delayed, the Field Commissioners should meet with the Referees and Coaches to agree on a plan to get the Game back on schedule. For example, if a game starts 20 minutes late, the length of each half can be reduced by “X” amount of minutes and/or halftime can be shortened so the next game starts on time.
  • Ensure that no more than 4 SCLA Certified coaches are in the Coaches Box.
  • Ensure no parents or unofficial individuals other than players and coaches are in the Coaches box and on the Players sideline. This includes the “team photographer”.
  • For spectator safety, ensure no spectators are standing or sitting on the end-lines.
  • Remind parents to remain positive; report any inappropriate behavior to the SCLA Tent
  • Ensure a Game Referee signs the official Score Sheet.
  • Ensure the Score Keeper takes the final Score Sheet to the SCLA Tent.
  • Ensure coaches remind their players to pick up all trash prior to leaving the sidelines after the game.


Note: When possible assist the Scorekeeper to ensure minimum playing time requirements for both team’s requirements are recorded (on the Score Sheet).  

Note: If a team refuses to provide a Scorekeeper or Timekeeper, the game may be forfeited by that team. Both teams may still scrimmage until the start of the next scheduled games.


Scorekeeper Responsibilities (2022)

(Scorekeeper is provided by the Home team; not required for 8U)


  • Ensure the scoreboard (flip-card) reflects the correct score for the referees and parents
  • Complete an official Game Score Sheet
    • Fill out the Game Score Sheet according to the instructions listed below.
    • Don’t forget to have the Referees sign the final Score Sheet
  • Take the final Score Sheet to the SCLA Tent.


Timekeeping Responsibilities (2022)

(Timekeeping is provided by the Visiting team; not required for 8U)


  • Referees will keep track of game time.
  • Jamboree game time information:
    • 20-minute running half’s
    • 2 one-minute time outs (1 for each half)
    • 5-minute half time
    • Play may stop for Ref, Coach and Injury time outs
    • No overtime
  • The Timekeeper will keep track of penalty time (Not required for Boys 8U).
    • The length of the penalty will be confirmed by the Ref
    • When the penalty is at 10 seconds – count down (10, 9, 8, ….) so coaches and players know when the penalty is over. Yell “Penalty Released” when the penalty is over.


SCLA Scorer’s instructions:


Completed score sheets are an important management process for all SCLA games. They are the method that scores and results are recorded by the league, and allow the league to monitor important safety and playing time data. Please fill them out accurately and return them promptly after your game.


Game Details: Fill out the date, time and location sections of the scoresheet. Circle the appropriate age group and division (Stars or Stripes)


Rosters: If names and numbers are not complete, fill in missing information.  For any players who are absent, cross out the row containing their name with a single line. Do not add new players unless your coach approves.

If any players are “floating” from another team (players from another roster temporarily joining the team), write down their information in the Float Players section.


Playing Time: In the playing time section (the columns headed by “1 PT 2”), please put a check mark in the first column the first time a player enters the game in the first half. Repeat this process in column #2 for the second half. This is to keep track and ensure that all players present are playing at least some time in each half of every game. It is not necessary to record second or subsequent appearances in each half.


Recording goals: circle the number next to the scoring player’s name (first goal #1, second goal #2, etc.). Record the overall game score at the end of the first half and conclusion of the game in the appropriate boxes.


Penalties: for each time-serving penalty (when a player has to leave the game and stay in the penalty box), please record the player’s team (e.g. “SFV”), uniform #, penalty code from the box at the bottom of the sheet (e.g., “UR”), and length of penalty. Cross off the number of the half in which the penalty occurs. It may be helpful for the coaches and/or officials to record the game time at which the penalty occurs.


Game End: At the conclusion of the game, please write the final score and winning team name prominently at the top of the spreadsheet. The league has to review dozens of these each week, and adding up score tallies is very time-consuming. Please ask the referees to print their names legibly on the sheet so we can identify and contact them if necessary.

Take the final Score Sheet to the SCLA Tent, located near the Pavilion.


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