Game Day SCLA Tent FAQs

The following is a summary of the most common questions and situations that arise on any given SCLA game day.

The most important thing to remember is common sense and that we are here for the kids to play lacrosse. Generally, there is not much more to do at the tent than help folks find their fields or game schedules.

Common questions or concerns:

Guide families to proper to fields:

  • See the visual map at the bottom of this FAQ.
  • There will also be a poster board hanging from the tent or on an easel.
  • Each field has a number flag marker.


  • The BEST way to see the schedule and track your games is via a convenient mobile app call TeamSnap Tournament:
    1. Go to your mobile phone app store:
    2. In the app, sign in using your email address.
    3. Click the button “Follow” our tournament “2022 SCLA Spring Season”.
    4. Click on the “Division” button on the app screen.
    5. Select the division for your team. You can select as many teams as you like in any division.
    6. Then click “My Schedule” to see the game schedule for your team(s).
    7. Now you can see your favorite team, division schedules, and receive real-time scores, updates, and notifications.
  • The schedule is also posted on the SCLA website:

Volunteers: What are the volunteers required for each game?:

  • Scorekeeper: Home team
  • Timekeeper: Visiting team
  • Field Commissioner (yellow vest): Both teams

Emergency Contact Information:

  • Arroyo Vista Field Marshall: M ______________
  • First Aid:
    • Located next to SCLA tent on the EAST side of the
      pavilion...look for the red First Aid Flag.
  • SCLA Staff (this is a list of Town reps/ SCLA staff that have the most experience with game day operations. They may not be on the field.
    • For any emergency, please TEXT in the order listed:
    • Frank Johnson 805-338-6397
    • Tom Williams (805) 377-5714
    • Brian LaRue (818) 723-6700
    • Chris Reilly (323) 216-8271
    • Randy Parker (818) 599-4922
    • Liz Booen (858) 735-4216
    • Brock Jones (805) 551-4334

Lost and Found (L&F):

  • L&F items can be returned to the SCLA table and will be secured in the storage shed.
  • Please check the shed if anyone is looking for a lost item.

Tools (to repair equipment and gear):

  • In storage shed in plastic box.

Food Trucks:

  • Food and snacks are available in the parking area adjacent to
    the SCLA tent AND behind the Pavilion building.

Lacrosse Balls:

  • In storage shed (white/boys and yellow/girls)

Field Paint (for lines):

  • Field paint is in the storage container. Be sure to get the
    proper color for the relevant field.

Mouth guards:

  • Extra mouth guards are available if needed.
  • Quantities are limited.

Score sheets:

  • For the Jamboree and Championship Tournaments:
    • Score sheets should be returned to the SCLA Tent.
  • For the Regular Season:

What are the teams responsibilities when they are the last game of the day:

  • The last game of the day is responsible for:
    • Cleaning up all the water bottles on the sideline.
    • Please return lax balls to the field box at the scorer table.
    • Pick up cones and return to the field box.
  • SCLA has a contract with a field crew that will come and
    remove all of the equipment and return it to the shed.

When can I leave the SCLA tent?:

  • Please remain at the tent until a replacement volunteer is present.
  • Please do not leave the SCLA tent unattended.
  • If no one shows up, please reference the emergency contact list above.

First Aid

  • Where does the first aid person set up?:
    • hey should set up next to the SCLA tent or under the
      SCLA tent.
  • In the event of a medical emergency, if the first aid person is not at the tent and cannot be located on any of the fields, please TEXT Scott Blatt (Body Logic) (805) 390-5821
    • If you are not able to reach Scott, please use the
      emergency contact numbers listed above.

What to do if:

  • Referee is late/missing:
    • Girls
  • Call/text Joanne Gmerek (310) 426-0232.
    • Boys
      • For 12U Stars and above, proceed with a single official.
      • For single official games, text/call:
        • Chris Nevil (310) 346-0055) or Mike Avenali (805)
          455-7147 to notify them. They will help identify
          alternative referees at the fields who can ref the
  • If you do not hear back from Joanne and/or Chris or Mike, please try and identify referees that are not currently working a game. They often sit near a scorers table or the SCLA tent. You can identify them by their shirts/black jackets/black pants.

Not enough players:

  • Ask opposing team to loan players.
  • Agree with opposing coach to play with less players.

Problem spectators:

  • Do not argue or confront them.
  • Ask the coach of the team to talk to the parent.
  • If really bad, go to scorer table, ask for an officials time out to stop the game (if they have not already). The game can be canceled at discretion of the officials.
  • Report to SCLA rep (see above).


Screen Shot 2022-02-25 at 9.02.50 PM

Regular Season

Screen Shot 2022-02-25 at 9.09.08 PM