Scoresheets & Rosters for the 2020 Spring Season


Coaches/Team Parent Instructions:

  • Locate your town and team below, click on the link for your scoresheets.
  • Download the scoresheets.
  • Review game scoresheets to make sure all you are the Home team and all your opponents are represented.
  • If all your scheduled opponents are represented, but there are other teams not on your schedule, you can disregard those.
  • If none of the opponents on the scoresheet are not in your schedule, reach out to me to correct at
  • If scoresheets are accurate then print out and take to each home game.
  • Populate or hand write header and footer information during the game including floaters.
  • Make sure it's legible.
  • Be patient with us in this new process during the first two weeks.

Town Boards/Coaches

We have tried various ways to improve this process from providing blank scoresheets and master rosters for each town or coach to download and populate themselves. Due to various issues including written in scoresheets, illegible scoresheets, lack of planning for coaches and teams to populate and print out scoresheets before games, ineligible players added to rosters and coaches questioning whether their opposing team is following the float rules, we are attempting to streamline the process this year.

  1. Rosters are locked after the final February 25th
  2. New players are welcome but can only be added through age and residency verification.
  3. Follow current Float rules (please communicate with the relevant Division Director via the “divison email” address).
  4. Players on the field and numbers must match the roster and scoresheet.
  5. Opposing coaches can challenge rosters after the game with pictures of ineligible players submitted with the scoresheet.
  6. Players cannot be hand written in rosters or corrected without prior league authorization.
  7. Float players are written in at bottom of scoresheet, separate from main roster.
  8. Teams are provided pre-populated scoresheets for the season.
  9. Scoresheets must be printed out by coaches/team parents before game.
  10. Scorekeeper (home team) must have scoresheet in possession before game can begin.
  11. Scoresheets (Photo or scanned image) must be submitted to the relevant “division email” or directors by Monday following the completion of the weekend game.
  12. Scoresheets will reviewed each week by directors and/or SCLA board for compliance.
  13. Scoresheets will be reviewed by division directors and scores added to Teamsnap. before Wednesday of the following week.

Any scoresheet out of compliance for the issues above, their games will be subject to forfeit. A forfeit does affect team standing and playoff eligibility.



Scoresheets (Full Season) - Updates for 3/6/20 are now posted

Attention: Keep in mind these schedules will get updated for corrections and pre-approved changes. We will provide a date label next to the link for the change.

The original scoresheets will be provided for two weeks until all changes have been made.