2022 Jamboree

What is the SCLA Jamboree?

  • Every year we start the season with a Jamboree tournament which is our “pre-season”.

Are these preseason games or regular season games?

  • This is a pre-season tournament. The games results do NOT count towards league standings.

If the games do not count towards regular season, why do we keep score and record score sheets?

  • One of the goals of the Jamboree is to allow coaches and league officials to assess which division their team will be most competitive to play (Stars or Stripes). Keeping score helps all of us review the results both by watching games as well as reviewing scores.

How many games will my team play?

  • Each team will play 2-3 games, depending on their age group division.

Remember...this is recreational youth sports. We are not club lacrosse.

  • All players play and parents cheer.
  • Please be respectful and show sportsmanship of and off the field to all players, spectators, referees and volunteers.
  • The primary mission of the SCLA is to provide an opportunity for boys and girls to learn and play competitive lacrosse in an environment in which athletes learn the value of teamwork and balanced competition.

Who is SCLA?

  • Southern California Lacrosse Association (SCLA) is one of the largest youth lacrosse organizations in Southern California serving thousands of players and families to provide an opportunity for boys and girls to learn and play competitive lacrosse in an environment in which athletes learn the value of teamwork and balanced competition.

Remember your mouth guard!

  • All players are required to wear a mouth guard. Please double check your equipment bag!

What are the hours of the Jamboree?

  • The first games start at 8 AM and the last games ends promptly at 5:10 PM. Please plan on being at the fields most of the day.

Where is the schedule?

  • The BEST way to see the schedule and track your games is
    via a convenient mobile app call TeamSnap Tournament:

    1. Go to your mobile phone app store:
    2. In app sign in using your email address.
    3. Click the button “Follow” our tournament “2022 SCLA Spring Season”.
    4. Click on the “Division” button on the app screen.
    5. Select the division for your team. You can select as many teams as you like in any division.
    6. Then click “My Schedule” to see the game schedule for your team(s).
    7. Now you can see your favorite team, division schedules, and receive real-time scores, updates, and notifications.
  • The schedule is also posted on the SCLA website:

Is there food to purchase at the fields?

  • Yes, there will be a variety of food and drink options.
    Mexican, burgers, hot dogs, breakfast food in the morning,
    shaved ice, and more.

Can I bring my own food?

  • Yes. Also, there are a plenty of food options within a 15-minute drive from the fields.

Can I bring alcohol?

  • No alcohol, tobacco or illegal drugs of any kind are allowed or will be tolerated.

Are there bathrooms at the fields?

  • Yes. There are rest rooms next to the covered picnic area Pavilion. There will be additional temporary bathrooms as well for the Jamboree.

Is there a First Aid help if needed?

  • Yes. There will be first aid resource at all SCLA games at Arroyo Vista. This service is provided by Body Logic in Westlake Village who has been a SCLA great partner for many years.

Can I set up a tent (easy-up)?

  • Yes, teams and families are encouraged to bring chairs, umbrellas, and easy up tents to be as comfortable as possible.

How much does it cost to play in the Jamboree?

  • The team fees include the Jamboree (as well as 8 additional regular season game, the Championship Tournament).

Who organizes the Jamboree?

  • The Jamboree is organized by the SCLA which is a member-run organization made up of volunteers.

Will volunteers be needed to keep score and time?

  • Yes.
  • Each team will need to provide 2 volunteers for each game:
    • 1 is a Scorekeeper (home team) or Timekeeper (visiting team).
    • 1 is a Field Commissioner (both teams provide a FC)
  • Instructions are provided on the SCLA website as well as in the Rules Binder at each scorer table.

Are other volunteers needed?

  • Yes, we need volunteers to help at the SCLA tent throughout the day.
  • Please inquire with your coach or contact Tom Williams at 101tomwilliams@gmail.com or (805) 377-5714.

Where do I park?

  • There is parking in Arroyo Vista Park as well as in the Moorpark High School parking lot.
  • Because of the high number of teams that are at the fields all day, parking will be full for most of the day. Please allow extra time arriving for your first game of the day.
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