2020 Board Meeting Agenda: November 5th

Attendees: Liz Booen, Frank Johnson, Brock Jones, Brian LaRue,  James McGoldrick, Randy Parker, Chris Reilly, Dave Russ, Mark Taisey, Chip Tarleton, Tom Williams


  1. Open Positions


Remains a number of open positions with an urgent need for Field Operations and Rules.


Update on a number of new volunteers as follows:


Eric Clauser – Help out with Referees

Brock Jones – Help out with Scheduling

Angela Reynolds – Girls ES Commissioner

Kim Shapiro – Boys U11 Commissioner

Alison Boughd – Boys U13 Commissioner


Still need a U9 Commissioner


May not need a Coach Requirement Coordinator as we can rely on US Lacrosse


For Marketing Director, it was agreed this role needed to be better defined.


A description of the Field Operations role was provided as follows: Coordinate with Parks & Rec Dept and with the people that line the fields.  Its mostly an administrative role with some field work on Saturdays.  Currently managed by Dave.  If we don’t get a volunteer, we will need to consider options.  One possible option, would be to have teams that have the 8:00 am games be responsible for the field set up.  This is similar to what other rec sports such as baseball and soccer.


  1. US Lacrosse


A conversation with Lynn at US Lax was held to discuss getting the portal up and running.


Liz Booen (NP) summarized the Leadership Conference, experience with Try Lax Clinics and PE Programs.


Pasedena and Simi Valley outlined the status of their registration to date.


  1. Centralized Registration


Everything appears to be going well. No major issues reported.


Need to hear back from Oak Park.  They are doing a deeper dive into the number of registrations to determine if need to combine with other teams.


Team Snap has a number of other functionalities on the platform including scheduling referees which we can take advantage of.


For teams not on centralized platform, we will need to send them the schedule.


  1. Uniform Update



Tara is still working on this.  Currently using headcount data from last year to get estimates.  Using local company.


Towns should confirm with Tara if participating and email her designs with estimated numbers.  This will allow a final quote.


  1. Confirmation of Town Board Members


Towns confirmed membership as below.  Please email M. Taisey with any changes.




  1. Recruiting Efforts


On boarding of US Lacrosse will help and can use their resources for: Try Lax, PE Curriculum and Seminars.


West Lake and Newbury Park have been running lacrosse clinics in PE classes in both the elementary and middle schools.


Some teams are using Social Media such as Facebook and Instagram.


Post Meeting Notes: The following revised motion was passed by e-voting:  SCLA Board approve marketing and promotional funds to include the Camarillo Acorn and not to exceed $4,100 to promote the SCLA and member programs player registration for the 2020 Spring season

There was a discussion regarding the quality and qualification of coaches.  Frank agreed to put a meeting on the calendar for those interested.

2020 Board Meeting Agenda: October 5th

SCLA Registration:

  • Simi, NP, TO, Westlake and Agoura registration through TeamSnap are open
  • SC, SFV, Tribe, Ventura opted out of Centralized Registration
  • Oak Park – Status update needed


  • No specific boundary change requests provided
  • Calabasas presumed to not field any SCLA teams
  • Vote to confirm that existing boundary rules will apply for 2020 season.


Please nominate volunteers for the open roles discussed during the September Board meeting ASAP:   We expect every town to have at least 2 individuals leading/supporting all of the volunteer roles needed to manage operations

  • SCLA Insurance
  • SCLA Representatives (confirm specific reps vs observer participants)
  • Boys U9, U11, U13, U15 Commissioners (2 more needed)
  • Girls MS Commissioner
  • Assistant Field Operations/Equipment Mgr. (work with Dave R.)
  • Assistant Fields and Contests Scheduling Mgr. (work with Dave R. and Frank
  • Playoffs Volunteer Coordinator
  • Jamboree
  • Rules/Disciplinary Committee (1 more needed - Alex from SV Lax?)
  • Coach Requirement Coordinator
  • Marketing

Confirmed: Secretary: Mark Taisey, All-Star: Tim Carter and Tom Williams, Boys Division Commissioners: Alison Vought and Kim Shapiro, Girls ES Commissioner:  E.J. Hilbert, Rules/Disciplinary Committee:  E.J. Hilbert, Player Assignment Committee:  Dave O’Brien

    • Note: Thanks to Tim Carter and Tom Williams for stepping in to drive the All-Star Game


Summary of Key Proposed Changes

  • Clarity on definitions, roles and responsibilities
  • Allow any Director to nominate individuals for Officer/Commission roles
  • In the absence of nominations, Executive Director, Treasure and Secretary will continue in their role for the upcoming season
  • Combined NUMBER, ELECTION, QUALIFICATION AND REMOVAL definitions under Article IV, Section 1 (previously Qualification and Removal language was included in a separate section)
  • Included requirements for all Town Board Members/Coaches to sign a SCLA Participating Town Conflict of Interest Policy

Any Further Comments

Vote to Approve Bylaws

Majority vote required to ratify changes

US Lacrosse Affiliation:

  • Update from Liz Booen on Meeting in Maryland
  • Discussion from towns already affiliated on what works and what doesn’t
  • Agreement on next steps

Topics for Next Board Meeting

  • PCA Training
  • Other????

2020 Board Meeting Agenda: September 5th

  1. SCLA Registration:  
    1. If you have not done so already, please indicate ASAP if your town would like to participate in the SCLA “centralized” registration process.
    2. So far; Agoura, Santa Clarita, Simi Valley, and Westlake Village have confirmed their willingness to participate in this process. 
    3. Ventura will not participate, due to their City based registration process.
    4. Please see the attached FAQs regarding this proposed process;  updates/highlights include:  [FRANK TO PROVIDE THE UPDATED FAQS]

                  i.      Every Town will be able to access their registration data on a real-time basis

                  ii.      Registration dollars can flow directly to each Town’s bank account;

                           the team based fee approach used in prior years (i.e., what each Town owes the SCLA) will remain in place for the 2020 season

                  iii.     Costs associated with using the SCLA TeamSnap process will be ~$50 per team; if we get full participation from every Town

  1. Boundary’s:
    1. As a reminder;  any requests to propose new boundaries are due by August 23rd
  2. Volunteers:
    1. Please nominate volunteers for the open roles discussed during the August Board meeting ASAP:   We expect every town to have at least 2 individuals leading/supporting all of the volunteer roles needed to manage operations:    

                    i.      Secretary

                    ii.      SCLA Insurance

                    iii.      SCLA Representatives

                    iv.      Boys U9, U11, U13, U15 Commissioners

                    v.      Assistant Field Operations/Equipment Manager (work with Dave R.)

                    vi.      Assistant Fields and Contests Scheduling Mngr (work with Dave R. and Frank C.)

                    vii.      Jamboree

                    viii.      Playoffs

                    ix.      Volunteer Coordinator

                    x.      Rules/Disciplinary Committee

                    xi.      Player Assignment Committee

    1. Note: Thanks to Tim Carter and Tom Williams for stepping in to drive the All-Star Game
  1. Bylaws:
    1. Please see the attached/current SCLA Bylaws
    2. Key updates that need to be made based on discussions during last year’s Board meetings: 

                   i.      Clarifications on terminology, roles and responsibilities

                   ii.      Documentation of league due requirements, timing and penalties

                   iii.      Documentation of conflicts of interest

    1. Chris Reilly and Dave Russ have already volunteered to help;   we’d like 2-3 more volunteers to participate in a committee to review/discuss improvements.   In order to finalize updates ASAP – please respond with your interest in participating no later than 8/21.
    2. The intent is to consolidate feedback and vote on recommended changes during the 9/6 SCLA Board meeting.

2020 Board Meeting Minutes: August 2019

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