U9 Boys Division


Length: Four 10 minute quarters (running time)

Time between quarters: 2 minutes.

Halftime: 10 minutes maximum.

Timeouts: Two 1 minute timeouts per team per half (Coaches may stop clock at their discretion)



  • No officials, Coaches serve as both officials and coaches(manage game on-field)
  • No stick checks
  • No body checks
  • No “man-ball”
  • All other illegal contact penalties apply
  • Penalties: play is stopped; players do not serve penalties, but may be removed at discretion of coach. no man-up/man-down
  • Ground Ball 20 Second Rule: If possession is not gained in 20 seconds or less, possession is awarded based on AP. If physicality is excessive, either coach may blow whistle and use AP to award possession.
  • No Goalies(any crease violation nullifies goal)
  • Three Pass Rule: Players must attempt three passes before shooting. Coaches determine what qualifies as a pass. Coaches count out loud the number of attempted passes. Typical criteria for an attempted pass: players six feet apart or more, ball travels above player shoulder height, etc. Incomplete passes count as an attempted pass.
  • Shooting: Players are encouraged to utilize proper overhand shooting technique. Rolling the ball into the goal is discouraged. In the event of a goal scored by a rolling shot, the goal still counts.
  • Goals: Regulation (6’x6’) goals used in 2014 U-9 games.
  • Float Rule: There is no player float rule for U-9.
  • Stick Length: No long poles in U-9. Short stick length between 37-42 inches in length.
  • Mouthguards: All players must wear visibly colored mouthguards (no clear mouthguards)

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