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Major Changes/Information for 2019

  1. The “self start” rule will be incorporated for the SCLA’s Girls ES Division
  2. The 3 pass rule will still be required for the SCLA’s Girls ES Division
  3. Mesh pockets are legal
  4. Deputy rule:  There is no deputy in youth lacrosse.  The only person allowed in the goal at any time is the goalkeeper.  There is also no stick follow through into the crease.

General Rules

  1. Colored mouth guards are required for all players. Mouthpieces may not be clear, white or have graphics of white teeth.


  1. US Lacrosse approved protective eyewear is mandatory.


  1. No jewelry.


  1. Head coaches are required to attend pre-game meeting at mid-field.


  1. Maximum number of coaches allowed on the sidelines per team is three (3).


  1. Spectators must be on the opposite side of the field of the players and coaches (unless on stadium seated field.)


  1. Goalie must be fully protected according to US Lacrosse Rules.


  1. Time outs are two (2) minutes, one timeout per half. Time outs can be used following a goal and on a dead ball with possession.  Injury time outs are taken by the official and should stop the game clock.


  1. On the fly substitutions for all levels.


  1. Yellow, bright orange or lime NOCSAE certified balls must be used. Women’s lacrosse regulation sticks only; mesh pockets are now legal.


  1. Players shake hands, not sticks, following games.


  1. Player serving a two (2) minute penalty time must serve it in the substitution area.


  1. Two yellow cards by the same player in the same game will lead to disqualification for that player for that game.


  1. A red card issued to a player, coach or spectator will be an automatic ejection from that game. Players receiving a red card are suspended for that game and the next subsequent game.  Players, coaches and spectators ejected from a game are subject to additional disciplinary actions.


  1. If it is an unusually hot day, and an additional water time out is needed, the coaches will decide before the game and inform the officials.


  1. The winner of the coin toss will have the option of choosing ends of the field or having the first possession that occurs.


  1. Goalkeeper may not draw, shoot or score for her own team.


  1. If a coach is red carded, he/she must leave the area and the team will play short a player for 4 minutes. If a coach receives a yellow card, the team will play short a player for 2 minutes.  Player must remain in penalty box.



Elementary School (ES) Rules


  1. 20- minute halves – running time with the clock stopped during the last two minutes of each half and during time outs. One -two (2) minute timeout per half.

Half time is 5 minutes.


  1. Teams will play 8 v 8 (7 field players and 1 goalie). If one team is unable to field a goalie both teams must play with a non-goalie format, 7 v 7, all field players.


  1. Game played on a modified U12 field. Line up for the start of game, half and after a goal is scored – 1 plyer is in the goal, 2 players from each team are positioned on the 8m, offense and defensive ends. Two field players from each team will line up around the draw circle and the 8th player takes the draw.  Players must hold in the 8 meter until the official has signaled that possession has been attained.


  1. Three (3) pass rule. Must be a legitimate pass attempt. No dumping ball from one stick to another.  If ball is dropped, it still counts as an attempted pass. 1st pass from goalie is allowed, 2nd and 3rd pass must occur past the half field line before a player is able to take a shot on goal.  A team loses possession once the defending team takes the ball past half field.  The 3-pass rule resets at that time.


  1. A player may shoot from a free position, as long as the 3 pass rule has been met.


  1. No checking. Players are not permitted to cover the ball with stick or body.


  1. 1 v 1 defense, no zone defense. No double teams, even when crashing during a free position shot.


  1. 8. There will be a draw after each goal. The game, and each half will be started with a draw, even if a team is down by four (4) or more goals.


  1. Team will get free possession at midfield after a goal when down by four (4) or more goals. Coach of the trailing team may opt for the draw.


  1. Restraining line is the midfield line for 8v8. 2 players must stay back behind restraining line when team is on defense, 3 must stay behind when team is on offense (includes goalkeeper).


  1. 3 seconds in the arc (defense) applies. Defenders cannot remain inside the 8 meter arc unless marking an opponent within a stick’s length


  1. 3 seconds closely guarded (offense) applies. Player with the ball may not hold the ball for more than 3 seconds when a) closely guarded b) the defense has both hands on their stick and c) the defense is in a position to legally check if checking were allowed.


  1. Shooting Space. Defenders cannot obstruct the free space to goal if not marking an opponent or playing the ball carrier within a stick’s length.


  1. One coach allowed on the field within 5 yards of the sideline for the purpose of coaching only. The goal is to transition away from a coach on the field by mid-season (once the girls learn their positions and understand the game.)


  1. Stick follow-thru not allowed in goal circle.


  1. No overtime.


  1. Score of the game will be recorded and shown.


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